Zamboanga City Travel Guide: Fort Pilar de Zamboanga
Hearing the word Zamboanga City seems a little bit scary from the people up North, but  it proved me wrong when I visited the city  during the Mindanao Blogger Summit. And what we don’t know about this place, is that it houses many scenic and historical spot from the colonization of many eras in the Philippines. One of those historic spot is the Fort Pilar de Zamboanga. This site has been originally known as the “Real Fuerza de Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragosa.” It was built in 1635 by a Jesuit priest-engineer, to ward off attacks from the Moros, the Dutch and the British.
Royal Fort of Our Lady of the Pillar of Zaragoza (Real Fuerza de Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragoza)
Zamboanga City takes so much pride in this historic infrastructure since this has been an icon for many tourists who venture the City. The Fort is now considered as the regional Museum. The Fort Pilar de Zamboanga is the major landmark of Zamboanga City and a symbol of the city’s cultural heritage. It houses many relics from the drastic past of our country. The City considers this scenic spot a treasure since this does not only defy the Cities historical heritage but our country. And this must be seen by many tourist and our country men as well. Take a glimpse of this city and let the rich history of our country unveil the wondrous gift of our land and that you may love this country as much as many heroes loved this so much! The Spanish architecture of the Fort will somehow take you to the old time with its alluring and mystique brick wall. This architecture will open the eyes of many tourists about the sacrifices of our forefathers.
Your visit to the Fort will never be complete without a souvenir photo from the place, so be sure to bring along with you your camera and cherish this one of kind treasure hunting in Zamboanga City.
Getting here is easy. Zamboanga City has an international airport and a world class port that will surely make the travel of many guests and tourists very convenient.
Getting here in Zamboanga City by AIRPLANE:
* On domestic travel, Zamboanga City has direct flights to Manila and Cebu by various airline companies. Check out the website of many Airlines here in the Philippines to know if there are any cheap flights that would meet your travel budget. List of airline companies that caters flights to Zamboanga City are: Philippine Airlines (PAL), AirPhilippines Express, Cebu Pacific Air and Zest Airlines.
* Many barge and shipping companies offers numerous voyages to Zamboanga City each week. Inquire in your nearest ticketing office for prizes and schedule.
* If you have the luxury of time then make your way to the gasoline station, gas u your car full tank or hop in to a bus line bound to Zamboanga City and marvel along the way. The long hours of travel maybe compensated by green pastures along the way and some new places you are about to discover while on your journey.
Travel with pleasure and leisure and take time to discover the heritage of our very own home land. See for yourself how fun it is to be Filipino!

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