Where to Eat in Davao:Zabadani Cafe and Restaurant
Zabadani Cafe and Restaurant was included on my boyfie’s list of restaurants to try in the Philippines. That’s why I make sure we have time to visit Davao City during his one month vacation. I search this restaurant online since I am not familiar anymore with newest restaurants after I moved out from Davao City few years ago. And here’s what I find out, Zabadani has two branches in Davao City, one in Ponciano Street and one at the Peak, Gmall. 
Pita Shateerah
We opted one at the mall. The place is not that big yet clean, and the table settings and home decors were arranged carefully (I’ll visit the other branch, next time) It’s one of the nicest-feeling resto at the Peak, Gmall. Plus, consider yourself lucky if the owner Wadi will come out for recommendations and chit chat. It’s fantastic.
Zabadani Green Salad
I am not really familiar with the halal food and I don’t know what to expect. I picked Zabadani Green Salad, Pita Shateerah and Yoghurt as safe choices. And my choices were right as they hit different level of taste experience at once: delicate, fresh lettuce; tomatoes; cucumber. And the magic combination of black olives, Parmesan and cheddar spices are so right. And for overload flavor sensation, the creamy yoghurt was served sweet.
Every dish served, you’ll notice on how much attention they’ve given up to small detail. From beef up to vegetables so they will look more filler – the lettuce, tomatoes, here are prepare fresh to the highest degree. You’ll love this restaurant, for sure. Bf and I will have to finish our vegetables. Ciao!

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