Tourist Spots in Malungon, Sarangani Province: The Ultimate Guide
Greetings from beautiful mountains of Malungon! Living here for 27 years, I guess it’s about time to promote my hometown not only the existing tourist spots in Malungon but the potential spots as well.  Sarangani province’s landlocked town, Malungon because it has to be a potential tourist hub. Although many have not yet explored its natural gifts, Malungon is definitely a good place to go on a nature trekking with the many natural wonders it boasts.
The Datal Bila Waterwold is a 20 hectare land development located in Barangay Datal Bila. It is situated near the Mt. Matutum Nature Park. Nature lovers would surely embrace the beauty of this area with over 91 endemic flora and fauna living in the area.
Perhaps go on a trekking at Busagan Falls. It is one spot in the town backpackers and dirt bike riders would love to visit. Trekking towards the falls allows one to explore the interior mountains of Barangay J.P. Laurel, Malungon.
Busagan Falls in JP Laurel Malungon, Sarangani
Sea of clouds and Sunrise watching at Kalon Barak Skyline Ridge Malungon
Bohol is not only the place in the country that houses the Philippine Tarsiers. The Nanima Watershed found below the Kalon Barak Skyline Ridge is the home of Philippine Tarsiers, the world’s smallest monkey, where the indigent people of Malungon (Blaan and Tagakaolo tribes) consider them as a sacred creature. It is also home to biodiversity which includes eagles and other endangered species. It covers an area of reforested 283 hectares with endemic species of trees and a good source of potable water.

Kalon Barak Skyline Ridge during Sunrise
A great area in the province that tourists would probably compare in Tagaytay is the Kalonbarak Skyline. The skyline lies 750 feet above sea level with a viewing point of Mt. Apo, Mt. Matutum, Sarangani Bay and Davao Golf. Not only it is the home of Sarangani Tarsiers, it is also where 3 villages of Blaan tribe reside. Kalonbarak Skyline will soon be launched as an Eco-cultural project by the municipality. People that will visit the area will learn from the indigent people living in this place their way of practices and living.
Other cool destinations tourists might want to go around are the JQ and La Hermosa Farms, Pacman Farms, Sitio Rancho and the Peak Restaurants, Villareal Garden Resort, Busagan Falls, banana and pineapple plantations, mango farmlands, and Community Museum and Home of Living Traditions.
Community Museum and Home of Living Traditions

Malungon Sarangani may be a landlocked municipality in Sarangani and may not be blessed with picturesque waters with white sand beaches but it sure is blessed with teeming bush lands, different land formations and waterfalls that will surely satisfy a tourist’s delight.

B3 Soddaco Farm located at Upper Mainit, Malungon Saragani Province

Cottage at the center of the Lake in B3 Soddaco Farm in Malungon Sarangani
Koi Pond @3Doe EcoPark in Malandag, Malungon Saragani Province
Different ATV Adventure Trail you can enjoy

The next time you’ll visit Sarangani, never miss the Municipality called Malungon – a town that has well maintained the balance of nature, innovation and culture.

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