Top Spots in Mindanao: Cagayan de Oro as the City of Golden Friendship
The city that lies north of Mindanao and the city provincial of Misamis Oriental, Cagayan de Oro City homes the best and warmest smile of its locals. Dubbed as the City of Golden Friendship, CDO sure is a hundred thousand reasons why it is called so. Cagayan De Oro City is known for its accessibility and positive growth in both business and leisure.

Cagayan De Oro has its own airport – the Lumbia airport which accounts for local flights in bound to Cagayan. It is the third major airports in Mindanao. CDO also hosts visitors who travelled via sea route. The Port of Cagayan De Oro is one of the busiest seaport in the Philippines. Travelling to Cagayan De Oro from Davao City may come via Buda route or Butuan route. It would take an approximate of 4 hours on your voyage to CDO.

White water rafting in CDO photo:

Going around CDO wouldn’t scare you off when you’re a first timer. CDO locals are always ready to guide around town. Taxi cabs are always accessible downtown and are all air conditioned. Just like any other fast tracking city, jeepneys are the most common mode of transportation. The place where the jeepneys would travel are always indicated on the front mirror. Motorela is another mode of transportation of the locals and tourists. It resembles like that of a tricycle. It can seat 6-8 people. They are not usually seen along national highways since it can be cramped by other vehicles.

Cagayan de Oro Highlights

The Kagay-an Festival is a weeklong celebration in honor of Cagayan De Oro’s patron saint, Senor San Agustin. Kagay-an means River and it is usually celebrated by the local folks during mid August. The celebration of this festivity is highlighted with the different activities organized for them. Activities include:

Agro-trade Fair featuring the native products of CDO;
Miss Kagay’an participated by the beautiful ladies of CDO;
Higaonon Street Dancing, one of the highlights during the Kagay’an festival where there is constant street dancing;
Golden Float Parade, an array of floats occupying the streets of CDO;
Lamabaguhan Fluvial Parade;
Kumbira – a culinary show and exhibit in the region featuring the food demonstration; culinary competition and seminars. This event is participated by HRM schools showcasing the talents of the students.


Cagayan De Oro is one of the most sought after destinations of nature lovers and adventurers.

When you visit Cagayan, never miss to try whitewater rafting. I am sure adventurers like you wouldn’t let this experience!

Try to stopover at Eco Village of Cagayan De Oro City. If you are fond of appreciating the beauty of nature while taking the pleasure of having yourself a retreat, then this is the place for you. This small town of native artifacts is also equipped with swimming pools, Maya cottages and museum. They also native dishes which you will surely delight your appetite!

Muse De Oro has well preserved the cultural artifacts of Bukidnons and the people of Maranao. The array of these artifacts showcases the rich culture of Cagayan De Oro.

Where to Stay

Pryce Plaza Hotel. This hotel is located in a hilltop; Pryce Plaza Hotel is one of Cagayan’s premier hotels giving it a panoramic view of the city. The rooms are fully airconditioned with cable tvs,, hot and cold shower and free internet access. They also have function rooms and ballrooms for events such as weddings, birthdays, reunion and more.

Casa Crystalla. Located near Xavier University, this stay in is accessible and conducive for students.This establishment is surrounded with shops favourable for students, like internet cafes, photocopying stores and school supplies. The rooms are all airconditioned with cable tv, hot and cold shower and free internet access.

Grand City Hotel. Their airconditioned rooms are equipped with cable tv, hot and cold showers and free internet access. They also have passenger elevators and restaurant and are open to functions like birthdays, reunions or weddings. It is a budget friendly establishment located at the right in the middle of downtown area and is near to restaurants and other business establishments.

Where to Eat

Cagayan De Oro is the home of grilled food restaurants. Some of the most famous are:

Inilog Grill.
Butcher’s Best.
Dear Manok.
Jo’s Manukan.

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