Tinuy an Falls in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur

If you want an adventure that is different from the monotonous belief of a vacation that is, “going to the beach”, try to visit the blessed city of Surigao. This place is not only renowned for having the best beaches (in fact, there are beaches that are yet to be discovered), it is also known for nestling other picturesque tourist spots.

Though it may be a rough and long ride way going there and heading back, the experience and the serenity of its places is nonetheless, worthy enough!

Tinuy-an Falls, Bislig City, Surigao del Sur by Juvaline Mana-ay Dionisio

A falls that is as majestic as the Niagara Falls, which spans 95 meters wide and 55 meters high, the Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig City, Surigao Del Sur is another wonder the Philippines is proud of.

We would probably picture out falls to be something that is tall, but this one is different from our common notion of falls. Not only this is tall, but it is also wide that made it stood out from other falls and making it spectacular.

This widely expanded waterfall is pouring out thousands of cubic meters per second in three cascades and another one which would be hard to reach but is definitely worth the effort because you would clearly see the other three levels of the waterfall.  This is not only about the falls per se; you would also see century – old trees that have encapsulated this wonderfully blessed waterfall.

You can also witness intersperse of a rainbow which would appear between 9 am to 11 am. If you are planning for a vacation, this is definitely one of the best places for your retreat.

Getting There

The city where this splendid work of nature settles is what is known to be the Booming City on the Bay – Bislig City in Surigao Del sur. To be specific, Tinuy-an is a part of Barangay Burboanan in Bislig City. There are a lote of routes available should you want to visit this place:

If you’re coming from Manila (Luzon) or Cebu (Visayas), you may travel via Davao City route, Butuan or Surigao City. As you arrive from any of the said routes, you will have to ride via bus or vans available at their respective terminals. It will take you about 3 to 4 hours if you go with Butuan Route or 5 to 6 hours via the Davao City course. Upon arrival at Mangagoy, proceed to the Integrated Terminal to rent jeepneys that will take you to Barangay Borboroan, Bislig. Single motorcycles or habal-habal are also available to really direct you to Tinuy-an falls. 


Entrance: P10.00 per head.
Cottage: P100.00 

The Place
As you go in your way to the falls, you may opt to rent a boat which would transport you the bamboo raft. You can request the raft operator to take you to the curtains of the falls for a full body massage.

On the middle part, the pool is said to be 30 feet deep. If you prefer to walk your way towards the falls, be careful with the rocks because they can be slippery.

The upper part, which would others would say the fourth part of the falls is somewhat hidden. It would take you 5-7 minutes away should you wish to climb yourself up. There is an available metal ladder and handles to guide you so there’s not so much to worry even if you’re not an experienced hiker. From there, you can clearly see the other layers of this majestic falls.

Picnic tables are available within the falls, a sari-sari store, a small playground and a wooden bridge. Floating inflatable rafts are also being offered to take the visitors nearer to the falls.

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