Malungon Sarangani Agricultural Investment Opportunities
Malungon Sarangani Province Map
Malungon is politically subdivided into 31barangays
  • Alkikan
  • Ampon
  • Atlae
  • Banahaw
  • Banate
  • B’Laan
  • Datal Batong
  • Datal Bila
  • Datal Tampal
  • J.P. Laurel
  • Kawayan
  • Kibala
  • Kiblat
  • Kinabalan1
  • Lower Mainit
  • Lutay
  • Malabod
  • Malalag Cogon
  • Malandag
  • Malungon Gamay
  • Nagpan
  • Panamin
  • Poblacion
  • San Juan
  • San Miguel
  • San Roque
  • Talus
  • Tamban
  • Upper Biangan
  • Upper Lumabat
  • Upper Mainit

For anyone who had visited Sarangani, there is not a single doubt that it is indeed a beautiful province. Towns like Glan are the most visited area in Sarangani because of its scenic spots. With the increased visits from local and foreign tourists, investors see this as a big opportunity.

Actually there are numerous towns and municipalities in Sarangani that are also worth the investment. Agriculture is one industry that is rampant and major economic booster in the country and here in Sarangani there are lots of potential spots.

Malungon is a town in Sarangani Province that is abundant with natural resources. It is safe to say that this town is blessed with the antiquity of Philippine culture with the tribes living in the area and is also blessed with rich soils for varieties of agricultural products to thrive. However, not much of its rich natural resources are explored and turned into an investment opportunity. Like for example, the corn industry. Sarangani is one of the Philippines’ corn producing provinces and Malungon has the biggest percentage of producing the agricultural product covering 33% of the total land hectare.  Because the province don’t have a processing plant for feeds, these agricultural products are marketed to General Santos.

There are lots of potentials that investors will see as soon they consider Malungon as their next agricultural hub. Here are the listed potentials that are guaranteed to yield higher profits for investors:

“Sarangani Golden Mango” photo by: saranganiphotonews

1. The favorable climate of Sarangani makes it suitable to grow fruits like Mango. Sarangani is also a major producer of the Philippines’ national fruit. The municipality of Malungon grows these fruits abundantly with high quality when it comes to taste and size.

Malungon is considered as the biggest mango producing town not only in Sarangani but the entire SOCKSARGEN (South Cotabato, Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, and General Santos), with more or less 5,000 hectares and it will be double or triple in  the coming years.

2.  Rubber, a highly indispensable material for many big industries are also grown here locally because of the town’s good rainfall.

3.   Malungon has 117,553 hectares of potential land for Oil Palm Production according to the Office of the Provincial Agricultural (OPag) and Commercial Crops and Development Program.

4.  Waterways in the municipality are not a problem because it is adequately supplied by spring development projects.

Malungon’s potentiality as the next agricultural hub in the province lies in its physical characteristics. The land is of various forms which include plain, valleys, rolling-hilly and hilly and mountainous with soil types ranging from clay, loam to sandy loam. These characteristics are the perfect fit for investment areas such as processing plants, milling plants, Industrial tree Plantation, Agro Forestry, Fruit production, livestock breeding and farming and production of ornamental plants. Investment opportunities like these should not be neglected. This will remain potentials unless someone will take the opportunity.

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