Enchanted River: Amazing Paradise in Hinatuan Surigao

There are so many descriptions that are coming into my mind right now, that I could not get at least one to describe the Enchanted River. Not a single review that I read ever told that this place was not at all fascinating. From the name itself, anyone would probably save some pennies to get their selves on a trip to this charmed river. 

Hinatuan Enchanted River

Enchanted River nestles in Barangay Hinatuan. It is a 48 kilometer barrio from the national highway which is Mangagoy, Surigao Del Sur. It was in this place where the movie “Spirits” was filmed. Enchanted River is mostly visited because of its tranquility and majestic ambiance that any tourists would feel when they are around the place. Far from the overcrowded place in the beaches, here you will really feel that you are indeed in a vacation. As you approach this magical river, you would definitely feel the ambiance that there is a mystery behind.It’s like you’re standing and lurking around in another dimension. Enchanting, indeed!

Facts and Mystery

This river is near to the Philippine Deep. In fact, it is a mixture of a saltwater and a freshwater that is why this river may be quite salty but not too much. As you will see, there are parts of the river where it is shallow (where you can be sure that you won’t be drowned), and the part where it is deep (blue water part, of course).

The river is 80 meters deep. There are only certain areas in the river that tourists are allowed to swim. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be too complacent. Mystery tells that there are only certain people that are allowed to swim in the area that means there are instances when someone will be drowned. There are also beliefs that nobody dared to swim in the river after dark because of the spirits guarding the place.

There were risky divers who tried to explore the cave below but they stopped at 200 feet because of the overpowering of the current.
At noontime, tourists are requested to leave the river because they will have to feed the fishes. As they are feeding the fishes, you would see them swimming up to the surface for foods, and these fishes are either small or big, even so, enchanted river is a home to marine life. Mystery tells that despite of its abundance of fishes, no one has ever caught any fish from the enchanted river, not even in the many ways of catching.

There will be an available cruise to take you on a trip to fish cages. In there you will see variety of fishes which you would seldom see and Pawikans. They will also take you on a trip to the vanishing island where you could see beautiful huge starfishes surfacing around the tiny island.

Getting There

You may take the air route or sea route whichever you prefer in going to any of these starting points: Davao City or Butuan City. From Davao City, you may take a bus or van for hire and you will have to hurdle a 5-6 hours travel to Bislig City. From Butuan City,buses and vans are also available and it would take you 2 -3 hours travel to Bislig City Terminal. Enchanted River is located at Hinatuan, Surigao Del Sur. Therfore from Bislig City Terminal; you may take a jeepney ride going to Hinatuan Terminal. From the terminal you will have to ride single motorcycles or habal-habal to lead you directly to the Hinatuan Enchanted River. It would probably take you about 30 minutes – 45 minutes travel time.

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