Gumasa Beach Resorts in Glan, Sarangani Province
Feeling like Boracay is way too crowded for you to have a fun and relaxing summer? Well, here’s a safe haven for all of you, the Gumasa Beach Resorts.  It is located down south of Philippines,  which houses one of the Philippines finest beach treasure with white powder like sand that embeds crystal clear waters is Gumasa Beach Resorts. The known little Boracay of the South is one of the finest beach destinations nowadays. 

Gumasa beach resorts
Gumasa Beach Resorts – Little Bora in Southern Mindanao photo by: Sarangani Province
Gumasa is not a well-known tourist destination, but if you come over and see for yourself its’ wonderful seascape and alluring surroundings you will surely spread the news. This is a must visit summer destination for beach lovers especially now that the government is planning for a hype and one of the grandest beach festival in the Philippines. Go to your nearest ticketing outlet now and book a flight down south and head on to Glan Saranggani to experience the Saranggani Bay festival.
Discover Gumasa’s unmolested beauty and be mesmerized by its magnificent scenery. 
Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province photo by Cocoy Sexcion

There are a number of beach resorts worth your visit in Gumasa. They will meet your vacation needs depending on your budget and wants. Here are some of the known beach resorts within the area.

Brod Louie Beach Resort

Brod Louie Beach Resort offers a good treat for all kinds of visitors. They have the amenities that will surely meet the needs of all ages. The resort will serve as a temporary home for all who visits Gumasa. The resort was beautiful with green grass, flowers, flowering shrubs and very soft lighting at night. The atmosphere of the property was romantic, party-friendly, entertaining and comfortable all at the same time. The resort has also one of the most hospitable staff, they are happy to serve all the guests. Room rates here for an overnight stay is friendly and reasonable. They have air-conditioned rest house and open family cottages. Plus they have an air-conditioned dormitory for mass number of guests. All of their room rates range from PHP 500 – 4700 only.

The main attraction in the resort is the white sand beach. The clear water, the soft sand, and the shallow water with little wave action will surely tease you to play and look for starfish, which were plentiful and varied in color. At low tide you will be able to walk through the great stone formations to the west of the resort. Romantic and adventuresome with so much natural beauty made some of these secluded spot breathtaking.

Other resort facilities are VideoK, Kayaking, Snorkeling, kid’s swimming pool and Spa. These all comes in a very reasonable and friendly rate.

Davak Ridge Beach Resort
Davak Ridge Beach resort is another resort found in Gumasa. It’s around 45 mins. Ride from General Santos City. The resort is richly blessed with powdery soft white sand that everyone else would want to walk along its shore barefoot.  The resort is quite mountainous that’s why it gives the entire guest a bird’s view of the wide seascape.

Cottages rates are from 300-2500 depending on your preference. They have 3 closed cottages equipped with air-condition, refrigerator, water dispenser, tv, 2 big beds and a clean restroom. Well this room is good enough if you have enough budgets for a luxurious overnight stay in the resort. If you have no enough money to pay for a comfortable overnight stay, you also pitch in your tent or rent a tent from the resort for a very cheap price.

White Haven Beach Resort
White Haven Beach Resort

    White Haven Resort

The resort is one of the first ones in Gumasa. They have open cottages for day tourists and air-conditioned or fan rooms with toilet and bath for those who want to spend a night here. Room rates are from PHP500-4900. However, you can pitch in your tent to their white (indeed) and powdery like sand if you wish to have a cheaper expense.  Each cottage comes
with  an individual grill so you can cook foods without hassle. If you weren’t able to bring food,don’t worry they have a restaurant inside the resort to cater your tummies desire.This resort is for all ages, what you’ll love about this strip of beach is the fact that moms can just leave their kids enjoying the sand along the shores since there’s only small instance that sudden trench in the ocean will happen. Waves here are friendly but just to secure your kids, let them wear a life vest for the security.

When it’s low tide in white haven you can walk the stretch of the beach and head to the mini caves in the coral cliff at the end of the resort. It looks almost the same as that of “bikini bottom” Spongebob lives. It’s a perfect place for picture taking.

White Haven Beach Resort is located right after Davak Beach Resort.

Rosal Beach Resort

This beach resort is one of the best white sand beaches scattered all over the province.  It is situated between White Haven and Coco Beach Resort.

Compared to other beach resorts in the Philippines, the accommodation in Rosal is much affordable.  It offers rooms with a functioning bathroom and good air conditioning. There are open – air cottages, space for tents and children’s playground. Room rates are from PHP600-5500.

There is a wide variety of options where one can break the stillness of the resort. One is to indulge in the beauty of the place by simply taking a walk in the fine white sand while having a conversation with new acquaintances or friends.  Another way is to hang out with the beach while sipping refreshing drinks. For guests who love water sports, Rosal offers facilities such as kayaks, skim boards, and volleyball for rent. Take note, you can also experience jet skiing, just request it from the management.

Whether you are an adventurous tourist or someone looking for a laid back retreat, Rosal Beach Resort is a great destination on indulging your dream escapade.

Coco Beach Resort

Coco Beach Resort takes pride of their beach plus the powdery white sand as the highlight plus the crystal clear seawaters.  However, these are only the beginning when considering the advantage of indulging moments with this beach resort.

Coco Beach Resort is accessible to other neighboring resorts. This easy access means you can spend many activities such as walking in the shoreline, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Another amazing thing to behold in Coco Beach Resort, it is the sunset view along the shoreline.  It is one of the simple offerings of nature to thank for.

Coco Beach Resort is a good venue for any special occasion that you’re celebrating, especially special bonding moments with family and friends.  Though it does not offer ample facilities, but it has the basic amenities that you needed most.  It has rooms and cottages, a small store wherein you can order for meals.  Not to mention that the owners and staff are really friendly and accommodating with their guests.

Open cottages and room rates are from PHP500-4500.

Make Sand Castles in White Haven Beach Resort ^_^
Isla Jardin del Mar Beach Resort

Isla Jardin del Mar is located at Gumasa, Sarangani Province. Hour rides from General Santos City, this resort have a powerful view to ease your stress and kick off your problem in awhile.

If you’re looking for cheap but give you quality views and services you want to experience you may go to this beautiful beach in Saranagani.

They have awesome cottages in low price. Entrance fee is very affordable. Open cottage and room rates are from PHP300-2500.

The Isla Jardin del Mar Weekdays Escapade Promo is valid only from Mondays to Thursdays.   They have separate packages for Day Tours and Overnight Stays  plus separate fees for their Open and Close Cottages

Gumasa Saranggani is packed with numerous and dazzling beach resorts that will meet all of your vacation and unwinding needs. See for yourself these hidden treasures of the South!

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