Cotabato City, a Soon-To-Be Tourist Destination
Cotabato City, a Soon-To-Be Tourist Destination but not everyone knew that Cotabato City was once a progressive city in Mindanao but had been economically declining in the recent years. Cotabato City is always thought to be a city where there are bombings, and occasional kidnappings. Cotabato City’s location is at the center of Maguindanao, however it functions independently from the province. Today, Cotabato City is slowly making its way to the tourism industry in the country.
For anyone who’ll visit the city, you can directly judge that there is nothing special here as compared to highly urbanized cities in the country. They have tricycles and jeepneys as the people’s mode of transportation. Along the sides of its busy streets are vendors offering potential buyers of delicacies and other products. Old buildings also stood in its streets, but are no longer used. Most of the foods you’ll see being sold here are those of Muslim dishes and delicacies but you can still opt to buy your food at the chains of fast foods found in the area.
A highlight of the city is the monument of Sultan Kudarat. People built this monument in honor of the Muslim hero who victoriously defeated the Spanish colonizers in their attempt to conquer Mindanao. The monument of Sultan Kudarat is erected atop Pedro Colina Hill. 
Another feature in the city is the Kutawato Cave. The cave may be seen below the Pedro Colina to which the monument of Sultan Kudarat stands. The Kutawato Cave used to be the hide-out of Japanese soldiers during the World War II and believe to be the only cave in the entire country that is located in the center of the city.
It Barter Trade Center located in Governor Gutierrez Street is also worth visiting. In it are arrays of bargain goods which range from sarongs, hijab (a headscarf used by Muslim women), brasswares, tubao (a long scarf that is worn by wrapping it around the head), malong, batiks, and inaul (a hand-woven fabric common in Maguindanao).
Fronting the Rizal Park is the city’s old municipal building which is now a hub for Philippine Marines. Cotabato’s new municipal building is now located outside the heart of the city.
Sultan Hadju Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid photo by: Nanardz of Daniel Dap Chimmers of
 Another spot worth a visit is the Grand Mosque that can accommodate 800 male and 400 female worshippers. The Grand Mosque is named after the Sultan of Brunei – Sultan Hadji Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid. He funded the creation of the mosque partially. From afar, you can already see its grandiose with its yellow domes and a couple of minarets, while its interior is painted in white.
These are only but few attractions, one should explore within the city of Cotabato.

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