The Foodie Find Review: Trellis n Vines in Davao City

My first entry for Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2011

“Heavy meals for small tummies.”

Trellis and Vines Restaurant Davao City

Trellis n Vines offers a huge selection of food, from appetizers up to the desserts and fruit shakes. What do you want to eat? Chicken or some fatty pork? Great if you already know what you want. If not, perhaps you might be missing the specials.

Here’s my recommendation, try their Baby back ribs, Chicken Biryani, Sinuglaw, Pan-fried Bangus with Tomato Sauce, and Adobong Kangkong, Crispy noodles and Banana Roll.

Trellis & Vines Chicken Biryani

Trellis and Vines Chicken Biryani

Corn and Crab Soup

Every meal starts with a bowl of soup. Ours is Corn & Crab soup with some slices of bright-orange crab, corn kernels, and seasoned with cream and salt. This cozy little restaurant offers Sinuglaw – a grilled pork belly. It was decorated heavily with herbs and vegetables.

Trellis &Vines Corn and Crab Soup

A good appetizer, indeed. Craving for Chicken? Order Chicken Biryani seasoned with curry and a cracker on top. Large sliced chicken is so tender, plus the combination of Indian spices is hot enough once you bite into them.

Trellis and Vines Baby Back Ribs

Trellis and Vines Baby Back Ribs

But my attention got distracted when a baby back ribs are served on the long skinny table. Crowned with BBQ sauce, and the meat is to tender. It is one of the best servings here.

Trellis and Vines Pan-Fried Bangus

Trellis & Vines Pan Fried Bangus

But even the usual Pan-Fried Bangus with Tomato and Adobong Kangkon is worth contemplating. A plate of Pan-Fried Bangus has come with full of surprising tomato sauce flavor and wonderful adobong kangkong on it.

Crispy Noodles

Trellis & Vines Crispy Noodles

What I enjoyed the most is the Crispy Noodles. The serving of this creative dish is suitable for 3 – 4 persons. The crispy noodles are scribbled with vegetables and a sauce similar to chopsuey that covers the taste of the noodles. It is best to devour this crispy canton right after it is served so you will enjoy the noodles’ crispiness.

Trellis and Vines Banana Roll

Of course, a meal is not complete without the refreshing fruit shakes or Banana Rolls with a very soft texture and sweetness of honey and peanut butter that made the combination right. Or, if you are interested in fruit shakes, ask the staff, and they will surely suggest something from their long list.

Lastly, service is a big plus. Not to mention, it has a good ambiance – for it is not crowded and noisy. And for some tips to fully enjoy your dining at Trellis n Vines, it is best to come early or avoid coming with hungry tummies. It is not a fast-food chain, so it will take time before your orders will be served.

Also, bring your family or friends with you. Most of their servings cater for 3 – 4 persons. You can hardly consume all the baby back ribs if you’re alone.

About Trellis and Vines

Trellis and Vines is ready to serve you. Visit their restaurant at lunch, or better, for a night out with your buddies.


Main Branch: Mc Arthur Highway, Balusong, Matina, Davao City

Contact Number: +6382-297-8463

Branch: F. Torres Street, Davao City

Contact Number: +6382-221-5566

Branch: A. Mabini corner Araullo Streets, Davao City

Contact Number: +6382-2263117

Branch: Casa Maria Inn, Eco-west drive, Ecoland, Matina Davao City

Contact Numbers: +6382-2951883 and +6382-3032218

Mobile Numbers: +63922-8832282 and +63917-7000243


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