SM SuperMarket Gensan – At Your Service!
After how many months of waiting, finally SM-Gensan opens its doors to the Generals today. And  Sox Bloggers Became a Part of its Inauguration yesterday.
First, We had a SM-Supermarket trip as the Greenbag Ambassadress Lei Denise Nazaree Marzona toured us from one station to another.
SM Supermarket Gensan- At Your Service, Yes! Aside from reliable and friendly customer  assistants, one can also experience  a personalized and hi-tech supports.  There’s a queue-busters  to save you from long lines as it will scan your purchases before you get to the cashier, all you have to is pay. 
As a not full-pledged vegetarian (I can’t give up pork and chicken this time) this could be  my favorite where I can buy fresh fruits and vegetables. 

SM has dehumidifiers that control the temperature and moisture so that vegetables remain fresh all the time. For an additional safety features, SM also has “sneeze guard” glass panels to keep fresh items safe and from being exposed to bacteria as many shoppers will go around checking the items.

Bloggers together with traditional media toured around taking pictures while listening to infos and demos.
More Pics

Indeed, SM Supermarket will make your grocery shopping to the next level. Aside that they have all your needs from fresh foods, home items and even your business needs, SM- Gensan offers exciting promos.

  • You can get a bonus in every value pack contains of FREE SM bonus items.
  • You can also be a winner  great prizes when you purchase yellow tag items worth not less than P500.
BUT here’s a reminder, get your SM Advantage Card or BDO Rewards Card. Before shopping at Supermarket, make sure to swipe your SM advantage Card, BDO rewards card, or Prestige into a swipe machine to get a discount list or freebies. Having a promo list, you instantly know the discounted items available that day at SM Supermarket – Gensan.

SM Supermarket encouraging its customers to use the reusable bags when shopping to support in saving the Mother Earth.  Always bring your green bag or the chillier bag and get extra points to your SM Advantage card.

Happy Shopping 🙂

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