Naked Island in Siargao Island
Naked Island, Gen. Luna, Siargao Island by Caraga

You would probably wonder what this island look like, well as the name implies, it is indeed Naked! I for once, thought that I was at Camiguin because it has some sort of similarity with their White Island, I totally forgot this was in Siargao. In this island you won’t see any trees growing except for some small patches of bushes around and a portion where you can see corals. The only stuff you’ll predominantly see in this island is the white course of sand. And the portion you can actually walked on to may become little as during high tides. You may snorkel or dive in its clear blue water or have your tanning sessions by just simply lying on the sand.

This island is one of the top spots in Siargao because of its unlikely appearance of a beach. It is common that we picture out a beach or an island to have trees, specifically coconut palm trees, which would give additional enchantment to the island. But here, not a single shade is available for you to rest under. Therefore, it is advisable that you visit the island early morning to somehow avoid the peak of the sun’s heat.

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If you want to visit this island, you can have yourself booked to one of their day tours. They’ll give you ample time to explore and enjoy this exquisite gift of nature. Day tours usually go whole day so it is advisable that you bring your own packed lunch.

Naked Island is only one of the many attractions you’ll see in the rich island of Siargao. Siargao Island is a conglomerate of reefs, small points and white sandy beaches. Siargao is mainly visited because of its waves suitable enough for surfing. An annual surfing competition is held in this island, participated by both local and international surfers and surf enthusiasts.

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